Local stories for the global audience!

We have stories to share, and to share in a visual way. For Falling Frames Production, films are to scrutinize life and ideology, to explore different perspectives and inspire audience to reconsider their daily routine. They are not simply for entertaining or as commercial products. Therefore, producing good quality original videos and films is our starting point and what pushing us forward. Our production includes short films, feature films and music videos.

Feature Films

Omaya (Filming)

A strong independent girl who has to struggle in the society because her way of dealing with her life is not socially accepted and appreciated.
Omaya is a social drama feature film to be produced by Falling Frames Production- Switzerland and its Indian collaborators.

Short Films

Speechless – (Duration- 6 min, Language- American Sign Language (English subtitles), Genre- Dance Film, Romantic Drama )

A young dancer has an admirer. Soon she shies away from his approach. She fears that his interest in her would wane once he learned about her muteness. When both meet on the dance floor, their relationship evolves in a tango.

AWARDS: Special Mention (Jury Prize)- Movie Screen Festival; Film That changes Perspective (Official Selection) - UhvatiFilm, Seize the Film,Serbia, 2018;Official Selection- Strasburg Film Festival,USA, 2018; Official Selection- FESTIVAL DE CINE DE MÚSICA EN ROCA, Spain, 2018; Official Selection- SEMANA INTERNACIONAL DE CINE DE AUTOR DE LUGO, Spain, 2018; Official Selection- Cinefilia Tanguera, Argentina, 2018.

Speechless | Official Trailer

A Masterpiece – (Duration- 10 min, Language- English, Genre- Drama, Dance Film )

A painter in the quest of his masterpiece is unaware of the existence of a masterpiece in his surroundings.

A Masterpiece | Official Trailer

Struggle of Spirit - (Duration- 5 min, Language- Hindi, Marathi (English subtitles), Genre- Drama)

This Hindi & Marathi film is about Mumbai, a city which doesn’t comes to a halt. A tea-seller & police man are on the road in the midnight after serial blasts in Mumbai and have different reasons to keep on working. It is story of Mumbai Spirit of Mumbaiker & Mumbai police. This award winning short movie is directed by Ankit Anand.
AWARDS: Special festival mention- Delhi Shorts International Film Festival-2013; Official Selection- Kala Ghoda Art Festival 2013, Mumbai; Official Selection- 7 Continent Film Festival 2013.

Struggle of Spirit | Full Movie

Sonnet – (Duration- 72 sec, Language- English, Genre- Psycho-Thriller)

"When Dreams of Summer Love Go Awry! A story of a classic loving stalker who thinks a girl deserves a man, while interpreting Shakespeare's Sonnet 18 in his own way." This film was produced within a duration of 72 hour and secured 11th position out of 100 in Zurich Film Festival 72 hour challenge (summer edition 2018).

Sonnet | Full Movie

Srijamyaham (Releasing soon)– (Duration-32 min, Language- Hindi (English subtitles), Genre- Satire/ Drama/Philosophical)

We don’t know if god exist or not, but one thing is quite sure that the idol sitting in a temple we pray is not the god himself. Imagine if the idol in a temple can observe everything in his surrounding, nevertheless being merely a piece of stone, it can not react. How helpless it must be feeling? People pray to him expecting he will solve their problem, while he is not even able to convey his inability to them. Srijamyaham is a religious satire which puts you in the perspective of an idol. An idol who is tired of his non-existing godliness, has been a spectator a variety of human behaviour towards the god, various rituals which he finds funny and politicization of the religion over the years. Sometimes he is concerned about them, sometimes he feels for someone, sometimes he makes fun of them and sometimes he is just bored. Among all the visitors, a girl whose friendliness he appreciates is his favourite and he is finding himself getting involved in her life. She is the only one who consider him a friend instead of a god and he wishes that her deep trust in him should not be shattered. Will he ever be able to do something for her?
AWARDS: Documentary and Shorts International Movie award 2018, Jakarta; Gold Award, Film On Religion, Virgin Spring Cinefest 2018; Gold Award, Best Music Score,Virgin Spring Cinefest 2018; Silver Award, Short Film,Virgin Spring Cinefest 2018; Special festival mention- Noida International Film Festival 2015; Official Selection- Ashwamedha Short film competition 2015, Mumbai.

Smile Academy – (Duration-5 min, Language- English/French (English Subtitles), Genre- Satire/Dystopic)

In a world where everybody smiles, is there a place for someone who can not?
AWARDS: Official Selection (Special Programme) - Tampere Film Festival, Finland

Music Videos

If you are a musician who has composed your own song and want to aid your song with a nice music video, we would love to collaborate and enrich the experience of your listeners visually. Other than music, we also expand visualization of good poems. Don’t worry about budget. Contact us, and we will find the solution together.

There Must be Rain | Brislee Adams

Elle est Belle | Lautrec