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A hub of all creatives in Zurich!

Come here Freaks!

Let's work together


At our co-working space, you are welcome to work on your own to create something you love.


At our co-working space, you can co-work with like-minded people and help us create a community of artists in Zurich.


All artwork is meant to share and inspire each other. You can share your work with co-workers and get real-time constructive feedback!


We will help you monetize your work by setting up a market place, licensing or organizing workshops. As a film production company, we are ourselves a potential customer of your products.

Freak house is a community co-working space in Zurich exclusively for artists and creatives. A joint initiative of Falling Frames and LangstrassenKultur, it is aimed to promote the community spirit among the artists in Zurich. Art, in all kinds, spells out interconnections with different forms. We encounter musicians, painters, filmmakers, and photographers who are pleased with their individual engagement in artworks by still desperately looking for interactions with other artists in a space where they can share ideas and get inspired. This is the initiation of the artists’ community. Located at the center of Langstrasse, our community also captures the most dynamics, liveliness, and creativities in Zurich. The co-working space consists of two floors- the ground floor mainly serves as an activity room which is available for concerts, exhibitions, and events, etc. It connects artworks and the audiences. The first floor is structured as the co-working space. It is segmented into different areas including such as painting studio, photography studio, writer’s space, and film post-production studio. Artists can bring along their own equipment for individual work and also any ideas to build up the community space together. Therefore, it provides an artist with an area full of inspiration and a sense of home.


Such that we can pay our rents without ripping you off or robbing a bank!

Daily Pass

CHF 15 per day. You are allowed to work for one month 8 hour per day during regular working hour 9 am to 6 pm.

Weekly Pass

CHF 60 per week. You are allowed to work for one month 40 hour per week on your own flexible time with 24/7 access* (Special conditions applies for nighttime usage)

Monthly Subscription

CHF 200 per month. You are allowed to work for one month 40 hour per week on your own flexible time with 24/7 access* (Special conditions applies for nighttime usage)

Book an Event

If you want to organize an event of your own contact us with your proposal. on the nature of your event and our interest, we may co-organize your event on profit share scheme or rent you space to organize it on your own.

In case you belong to the low-income group, it is possible to have a reduced fee or fee wavier by volunteering at our projects! As this is a non-profit project and Bill Gates is not our uncle either, we seek support from you all to keep us running. You need not be super rich to support us. An honest will to contribute will already suffice. There are various ways you can help us in building this community.


If you appreciate our efforts, help us!


You can donate us, with whatever capacity you have! This will help us keep the place sustainable and affordable for artists. If you have a question related to donation feel free to contact us!


You can volunteer at the place as a supervising staff or help us in organizing events. Full time or part-time commitments are possible!

Non-monetary donation

We are also seeking to develop a book saloon, music, and art salon. So if you have books, music instruments, artworks, or filming equipment eating dust at your place. They can find a safe home at our house.

Be an ambassador

You can also help us by being our social media ambassador and spread the word about us such that more and more people will know about it and join us on our events.

Past Events

Photothon Zurich - 40 hours Photography Marathon & Exhibition - Falling Frames Production is proudly presenting the first Photothon Zurich!

Similar to a ‘Hackathon’, a Photothon is a creative sprint in which photographers and other creative minds collaborate intensively for 40 hours to create a joint art experience. In this 40 hours, a group of photographers (street & studio) and models will work intensively from taking pictures until presenting them in an exhibition.

The first day (Saturday) involves briefing, preparing the set and lights, shooting and editing. On the second day (Sunday), the set will be re-built to a gallery, the photographs are printed and presented at the gallery opening.

When : 31-08-2019 - 1-09-2019

Who will participate - photographers, models, makeup artists

ARTA - Art days - A swiss artist and a kurdish photographer jointly present their valuable artworks at FreakHouse. Don't miss to check out this valuable collection.

You will have a chance to see how the swiss artist Magdalena Suter deals with different forms of ambivalent tendencies and the meanings of social categories, paradigms and perspectives. Magdalena Born in 1988, Grisons, Switzerland. She works with figurative painting, experiments with the effect of ambivalent spaces and the confrontation with written material in the context of fine art.

You will see also the real life of Kurds in Hawraman, the ancient land of Kurdistan by kurdish artist Taleb Heidari born in 1987 during the Iran-Iraq war in a small towncalled Bayengan in Hawraman in Kurdistan. In a short period of time he has been successful in various photography festivals in Iran, the United States, England, Italy, Macedonia, Bangladesh, Tajikistan and many more.

Date - 2-08-2019 - 4-08-2019

KissA - The Story Night - When did the last time you hear a story? The Stories which could give you a ride of the emotional roller-coaster through a fictional world! Did you miss your childhood which was full of stories? Come and join us in our storytelling event where writers from Zurich would share stories written by them with you! It's classic but lovely!

Language - English

Date and time - March 16, 2019, 8.30 pm

Ticket - Regular CHF 15

Student CHF 10 (Please carry your student card)

(Ticket available on Eventbrite or at the door)

(PC- By John Everett Millais (CC) ;) )

More interesting events are on the way. Keep an eye over our event calendar above. And if you want to join our community and help us building it up further, we are just few clicks and keys away. In case you are interested in visiting us, send us an email to book an appointment to visit the house!


Langstrasse 113 A

8004, Zurich