Because we can't make a film alone!

An artist could seek other artists to collaborate, to get a feedback or just to share/showcase each other’s works. With whatever purposes, having access to a community of great artists within a city can be fantastic and rewarding. That is also our motto-to organize a fun community of artists seen by Falling Frames that each and everyone of them is equivalent starting at our homebase Zurich. Several events are being held to create and strengthen the bond between the local artists and also to shed light on some hidden gems to the local audiences who would appreciate them. Sofa Talks, Film Screening, Poetry Slams, Storytelling are the upcoming events to be expected throughout the year. We have started a community coworking space in Zurich where we will organize events and activities to build this community. Please check Freak House page for more details of upcoming events.

Call for films: If you are a filmmaker and want your film to be seen by a good number of right audiences, if you also want to get a financial compensation for your films without going through the pain of the monetization policy of YouTube and expensive social media promotions. We invite you to publish your movie through our YouTube channel and get financially rewarded. We have a special introductory offer for the first 20 movies published on our channel. Click here or contact us at for more details.

Filmmaking is about teamwork, and contribution from every team member is equivalently crucial. Falling Frame strongly believes in this philosophy so that we promote a collaborative approach. We dream about creating a self-sustainable artist community in Zurich which can give out the best productions that the world would appreciate. Falling frame community is a non-profit wing of Falling Frames Production which would facilitate the cooperation among local artists when sharing the revenue with all artists contributing--being a part of the crew, you would have equal rights as a co-producer.

Kino Fondue: Falling Frames community is planning to organize a Kino Kabaret in Zurich, named Kino Fondue. The name should not come as a surprise, as Fondue promotes sharing in the Swiss culture, the Kino Kabaret in Zurich will do the same. Currently, we are looking for volunteers and sponsors to make this event a great success and help filmmakers of Zurich to collaborate with international teams. If you are interested in participating in this event, pease fill this survey form . Click here for the details of the proposal. If you are willing to support this even as a volunteer or sponsor please contact us on

Falling Frames Community Production