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About us

What we do!

We collaborate

Our motto is to organize a fun community of artists and to shed light on some hidden gems to the local audiences.

We create

We have stories to share and to share in a visual way. Our films would tell your own local stories to the global audience.

We promote

Falling Frames Production is professional on making promotional videos, with special focus on start-up companies.

We line-produce

We provide A-Z solution to filmmakers from abroad who want to shoot their movie in the beautiful country of Switzerland.

Our mission

Falling Frames Production is an art community-based film production company based in Zurich, Switzerland. With the mission of bringing out the best creations from individual local filmmakers, we are also dedicated to helping the good stories reach global audiences.

Together with that, making films with intriguing stories and varied genres is our passion. We believe filmmaking is not only to entertain the audience but also to articulate insights of life and philosophy.

At the same time, our service also covers the production of promotional videos and commercials for start-up companies. While creating the right contents in a spot-on style, we are also experienced for videos to outreach the target customers.

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